Nexus 4 To Be Sold Higher Than What Is Found In The Play Store

I’m sure we were all excited and happy to hear that Google’s new Nexus 4 smartphone through its Play Store would be selling for as little as $299 in the United States and parts of Europe. A report today revealed that other parts of the world would not be so lucky to grab the Nexus 4 for such an extremely low price. According to Androidos, there are various reports coming out of Europe that is indicating that LG will be selling the Nexus 4 directly for as much as €599 or $768 USD in countries such as Italy. Other reports are reporting of similar pricing in other markets including Spain and India, which will likely be seeing the Nexus 4 sitting at INR 34k or 35K (which sits roughly around $650 USD).

While an increased price in certain markets might sound reasonable under certain circumstances, the increased pricing is actually beginning to having a severely major effect. LG’s pricing structure seems to have had a sort of ripple effect with various retailers like Phone House not selling the phone due to the extremely high pricing. While that may be bad news for LG, it is also bad news for Android users because that means there will potentially be less availability for those who want to pick up a Nexus 4 abroad. Of course, LG or Google has not said anything on this or if it is official. For now, these remain rumors and should be treated as such, so take it with a rather large grain of salt. Lets just hope the pricing isn’t as drastic as rumors are saying.

As soon as Google or LG releases any further details on this, we’ll make sure to share the news with you all. I’m really not sure why the pricing would go up in markets like Italy when it sits at $299 in most every other market, but maybe Google or LG has a good explanation for that. Still, good explanation or not, this will definitely be upsetting to some Android fans out there looking to get a Nexus 4.

One thing that is important to note is that this same thing happened with the previous Galaxy Nexus as well, so seeing this from LG shouldn’t be that surprising. Although, I do think many were hoping that this “problem” would be fixed with the second nexus device.

source: Talk Android 

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