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Nexus 4 Has LTE In Canada, Will have LTE On T-Mobile In The Coming Months

As you know, the Nexus 4 has a lack of LTE, which has been a major disappointment for a lot of consumers looking forward to the device. Depending on what carrier you are using and what country you live in, you may just have a chance at having LTE on your Nexus 4 device though. Thanks to our friends over the border, some videos of the Nexus 4’s hidden LTE chip in action on Telus’ network has been posted showcasing how this works. They were able to achieve the LTE connectivity by a simple carrier menu code.

It’s surprisingly really simple to do. All it involves is dialing *#*4636#*#* and then changing your preferred network type over to LTE. What is unfortunate is that this only works if your carrier is using band 4 LTE. Talk Android reports that this isn’t working in the United Kingdom nor is it working on AT&T’s LTE network here in the United States. T-Mobile users are going to be extremely happy though. The carrier plans on rolling out this exact type of LTE in the next few months. So, those of you that went over to their network due to the Play Store being out of stock may have just gotten an extra feature. While the LTE speeds will be extremely great, keep in mind that LTE is quite a battery hog, so if you think the Nexus 4’s battery doesn’t last that long, just wait until you try LTE on it.

source: Talk Android

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