Nexus 4 Deliveries On Backorder, Will Ship Within Three Weeks

Android Central reports that several users in their forums are receiving e-mails that are creating a lot of sad and angry users. Those in the United States or United Kingdom that managed to grab the coveted Nexus 4 before they sold out in the Play Store are beginning to get emails saying that their devices are now on backorder. The email goes on to say that customers should expect to see their new Nexus device in their mailbox within three weeks or so. Google may have just opened up the gates of Hell here. There were already quite an amount of angry users who couldn’t get a Nexus 4 device upon launch. And now this? Oh boy.

As you can imagine, this isn’t good at all. In fact, this could potentially hinder the eventual availability of a second batch of Nexus 4’s in the Play Store. We won’t go there though. You can check out what the e-mail hast to say below.

source: Android Central

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