Nexus 10 Restocked In The Play Store, Get ‘Em While You Can!

Google’s Samsung-manufactured 32GB Nexus 10 tablet managed to sell out in record time, which was later replaced by the 16GB model. While the device has been sold out for a little while now, Google has restocked their supply (if only they could restock the Nexus 4 supply that fast!). Heading over to the Play Store will show you that both models of the Nexus 10 are available to purchase with a “add to cart” option as opposed to the “coming soon” label. If you’re interested in getting a Nexus 10 tablet, right now might be the time to head over to the Play Store and pick one up. Who knows how long this next batch is going to be available for.

Although, there have been numerous reports of it having terrible battery life. Maybe it’s not a good investment after all.

Are you interested in getting one of the Nexus 10 models? Are you hoping for a Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale before considering getting one? Do you have your eyes keen on another tablet for the holiday sales?

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source: Talk Android


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