Nexus 10 Receives Android 4.2.1 Update, Fixes December Calendar Issue

Talk Android’s Ed Caggiani is reporting that his Nexus 10 received an update last night around midnight. The update actually happens to be Android 4.2.1! Sitting at 1MB in size, the update has fixed the infamous December calendar bug. Caggiani notes that some other potential changes could have happened like improved battery life. The Nexus 10 is known to have terrible battery life with its high resolution screen. Longer battery life would be nice to have with the amount of pixels that the screen is pushing. Especially when you have it cranked all the way up. If there wasn’t a battery improvement yet, there’s no doubt that one is probably in the works. Although, we can’t really guess without an official changelog.

Regardless, aren’t you glad that this is a Nexus device? If it had been any other device users would probably be waiting another good one or two weeks before receiving the fix. Quick updates are definitely going to be nice, specifically for the Nexus 10 here. Not only that, but if Google continues to push the bar and try to push hardware as far as they can like they have with the Nexus 10 (e.g. screen resolution), quick updates almost feel like they will need to be mandatory.

Has anyone else gotten the update to Android 4.2.1 on their Nexus 10? Has it fixed the December calendar issue for you? Have you noticed any other improvements aside from the calendar issue?

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source: Talk Android


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