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New BlackBerry Messenger to offer Free calls over Wi-Fi

BlackBerry has rolled out a new feature on BBM 7.0 called BBM Voice- which allows BBM users to make free voice calls over Wi-Fi. BlackBerry users running the latest version of BBM 7.0 would be viable to get the open beta upgrade.

BBM Voice is just a juvenile attempt by RIM to expand the armoury of BlackBerry Messenger, as if super-fast messages and secure media sharing were not enough. However, the new feature would be welcomed by users who are always connected through Wi-Fi networks. They would now be able to save on voice calls over the cellular network. The feature can be extremely handy for people who have to communicate with people in other countries. Though Skype is always an option, having an integrated voice service on your BlackBerry does offer much apprehended convenience. The service is totally free and would be made available to all BBM 7.0 users.

Unfortunately, the BBM Voice service is not going to be working on 3G or LTE anytime soon. James Tantram, senior product manager at RIM said the following, “There are no plans currently which are capable to handle the new type of service. However, I feel we are driving a lot of purchase decisions, and making it compelling for BBM users to opt for BBM data plan”. He feels that telecom authorities won’t have any problem with the service, if it’s not going to negatively impact their market.

BBM voice is simple and neat. Whenever you make a call, the application will show you the quality of the call, and once you’re connected, you can switch back to sharing media, or sending messages. You can also multi-task, or connect your Bluetooth headset, while you’re connected through BBM Voice. The new voice-chat addition makes BBM chat- a complete chat application with all avant-garde features.

BBM voice may be enticing to people who still love BlackBerry phones. Maybe, it gives them a sanguine reason to stay.


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