Motorola’s $100 Trade-Up Program Is Garbage

After months of unfilled promises concerning updates for a lot of the earlier Motorola smartphones, Motorola has finally revealed its trade-up program. There’s an issue though — it’s complete garbage, specifically for users on AT&T’s network.

As you know, owners of Motorola devices that were said to not get an update to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean were told to apply for the program. This means if you own a Droid 3, Droid X2, Admiral, Atrix 2, Atrix 4G, Cliq2, Electrify, Photon 4G,XPRT, Titanium, or Triumph you’re eligible to get $100 towards the purchase of an all-new Motorola smartphone. Just what you wanted, right? Unfortunately, this cash that Motorola promised, will come to you in the form of a rebate card rather than a discount off of your phone or even actual cash. I, being a user of the Atrix 2, was planning on using the trade-up program for a while, but after seeing the Galaxy Note II and how abysmal this program is, it’s not worth it.

In example, if you decide to go with a new Motorola smartphone on Verizon Wireless you can take your older device (the one without Jelly Bean) into a carrier store and you will then be presented with a $100 Verizon gift card, which you can then use to pay your bill or purchase other accessories. Due to Motorola’s strong and close relationship with Verizon, it is a huge process to get a Motorola phone on any other carrier. Let’s say you go with the rather fancy Atrix HD on AT&T’s network. You will have to purchase the Atrix HD with your own money outright, and then you send in your receipt, with your old phone, into Motorola. At that point, you won’t be getting your $100 Visa gift card for at least six weeks. Mine as well just get a new Galaxy S III this Holiday season, eh?

It’s great that Motorola is trying to help fix the situation with their angry user base, and that’s a good thing. All companies should be encouraged to do that. On the other hand, every smartphone on the list that is eligible for their trade-up program can easily be sold for more than $100 on eBay. Aside from that, getting cold hard cash in your pocket is a whole lot better than a $100 gift card you have to wait up to six weeks for.

I think that this was a great attempt from Motorola, but I’m sure people would rather pay for there new smartphone outright than wait up to six weeks for a $100 gift card. I think it would have been much better if Motorola just offered a up-front discount. If they have such a close partnership with Verizon, I think it would have been fairly easy to show a salesperson your firmware version. The way they are handling the $100 rebate at this point is just garbage because there is no real way to get a true “discount” off of your new Motorola phone.

Any thoughts on Motorola’s trade-up program? Do you plan on getting a new Motorola device?

source: talk android


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