Motorola Closing Down Dedicated Websites In Some Countries

Remember a while back when Motorola reported that the company would be downsizing after Google bought them? Its looking like that all of those layoffs Google did to the company wasn’t all they were downsizing, as they are now consolidating their websites in other countries. All this will do is redirect the user to a server in a different country when they try to visit a Motorola website. That is, of course, on the basis that you’re country is on the list to lose the dedicated website.

Motorola Mobility sent out an e-mail stating that a number of different countries would be closing down including India, Hong Kong, Israel, the rest of Asia and more. Keep in mind that the majority of these places listed is where Motorola isn’t a huge competitor. That said, it’d make sense as to why they are closing down. Hopefully this does not affect Motorola’s Android sales in these countries though. I would assume that it wouldn’t since you’d just be redirected to another server. Its surprising that they are closing down the India server, as there is a massive market there.

Depending on where in the world you live, you could be greeted with a message like this when you visit your localised Motorola website:

We are streamlining our business and support systems, and unfortunately, we’ll no longer have a dedicated website for (Insert your country here).

Your local support sites (Insert your country here) will remain open, well into the future, and we’ll continue to provide support for our products.

If you are interested in viewing our current products, you can still do so, here.*

*Products on these sites are not guaranteed to be available in your country.

Do you think that this will have any affect on Motorola’s Android sales in the countries that will no longer have dedicated Motorola websites?

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source: Hexus, TalkAndroid


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