Motorola Atrix HD Developer Version Surfaces On Motorola’s Website

Motorola just recently launched the DROID RAZR M Developer Edition along with the DROID RAZR HD Developer Edition of their new handsets, but you may have been wondering about an Atrix HD edition. Those of you that are looking to do some customization with the device are in luck. The Atrix HD Developer Edition from Motorola has surfaced on their website, but as far as information goes on the device, there is only a mere registration form. As of right now, no specifics have been released when it comes to pricing or any sort of availability of the handset. All of the requisite warnings will still apply it seems, and the second that you purchase this device, the warranty is void. Essentially there is just no warranty at all. On the other hand, this edition will let you customize the heck out of the Atrix HD thanks to the unlocked bootloader. Adding custom software and themes, I would say, is worth the warranty void.

On the other hand, I’d really love to see a Developer Edition with a warranty. Of course, that is pretty risky due to the custom software and all. It’d be pretty handy when it comes to learning to mod a phone and all though.

source: Motorola

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