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Mini’s Strong Sales Performance Casts Cloud of Obscurity on iPad 4

The iPad Mini has clearly taken a decisive edge over the iPad 4 on their first day of sales, casting a cloud of doubt on the marketability of Apple’s fourth generation tablet.

Apple’s newest tablet in town was a smash hit on the market two days into its launching last Friday. On the other hand, the company’s flagship tablet was shockingly left in obscurity as consumers become increasingly curious about the fresh features being offered by the iPad Mini.

Fascinated with the initial sales results, CNET correspondent Brooke Crothers likened iPad Mini’s unexpected victory over the iPad 4 to a featherweight boxer knocking a full-fledged heavyweight slugger flat on the canvass.

“Call it the featherweight KO’ing the heavyweight. On the first day of sales, the 312-gram Mini knocked the 652-gram fourth-generation iPad into quick obscurity,” said Crothers in his latest tech write-up.

Crothers claimed he was surprised to see people asking him more about the iPad Mini without bothering to inquire about the fourth generation iPad simultaneously released by Apple on Friday.

“I knew there was a problem when I had to explain to people asking me about the iPad Mini that there was also this thing called the gen 4 (gen 3.5 may actually be more accurate) iPad,” added Crothers.

The fourth generation iPad is the first Apple-manufactured tablet possessing an A6 chip as Apple moves another big step towards integrating laptop-class processing power into their tablets.

The iPad 4 also features an upgraded version of the front-face FaceTime camera (HD 720p video) and provides a broader range of international carriers. Nonetheless, the striking similarity between the iPad 4 and its predecessors the iPad 3 has given consumers enough reason to find other products that caters fresh concepts.

The release of Nexus 10 and Microsoft Surface also made things a lot tougher for Apple in its mission to sustain their dominance in the tablet market.


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