Microsoft to start WP8 advertising during NFL Football

Microsoft has launched its new big thing, the Windows Phone 8 operating system and the devices from two manufacturers – HTC and Nokia – are already here. Nokia’s Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 and HTC’s 8X can be bought now from AT&T.

Although Windows Phone 8 is now available, the big advertising campaign has not started yet and is yet to begin. The good news is that it’s starting today, especially during the NFL games which should be the right time to grab the attention Microsoft is looking for.

The ad which will be running is the one which was premiered during the big Windows Phone announcement back in October. In the above advert, Microsoft has featured numerous people from different walks of life with different passion. In the video, you can spot people with various different colors of Lumia 920 and HTC 8X showing off how they have customized the interface of the device in order to match their interests and the advert focuses on the frame “reinvented around you”.

Microsoft has had many ads previously and most of them have had mixed success. This commercial video, however, should be a successful one because it talks to those people who are out there looking for something new, and as we all know, we always look for a change and Windows Phone 8 should be a good option. Windows Phone 8 has an amazing interface. Yes, it is very similar to Windows Phone 7, but Windows Phone 8 can be seen as a refined evolution of the predecessor. The OS has moved away from the Windows Compact Embedded (WinCE) OS core that was used in WP7 to a new OS which shares its core with the desktop Windows 8.

Microsoft and its partner, Nokia, seem to have got the right ingredients required for success. As we all know, Nokia has lost its smartphone market and so has Microsoft, and Windows Phone 8 is their wild card to get back the position they once had. The current Windows Phone 8 devices seem to be really good and top notch. Microsoft has plenty of apps in the store and its steadily growing day by day, and since it’s a Microsoft product, you can have the most beloved Microsoft Office suite on the move. Yes, you can use Word and Excel on the go, and it’s the actual Microsoft Office and not some 3rd party app.
Apart from Microsoft Office, if you buy Nokia Lumia 920 or 820, you can access Nokia Maps for free. If you value maps and use it daily, Nokia Maps work really well and Nokia is considered to have the best maps in the business. As you all know, Apple has messed up with maps and iPhone isn’t a desirable smartphone if navigation is what you wish.

Microsoft and Nokia seem to have laid hands on the right formula. In the coming weeks, we expect the advertising campaign to run on a much larger scale. What are your thoughts on WP8?

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