Microsoft Surface RT Getting a Firmware Update to Improve Battery Life and Overall Performance


Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet certainly isn’t the best out there in terms of performance or day to day use. The tablet has so much going against it that some called even called it a blunder (the jury is still out on that). But here we have Microsoft reassuring its users that what they own is certainly not the worst in the market. The company is now providing a new update to allegedly fix battery life and bring some performance related improvements on board. Surprisingly though, this update seems to have already hit a few Surface RT devices last month, so if you’re one of those running on the KB 2756872 firmware, you can ignore this. As for the ones who haven’t gotten the update yet, make sure you be on the lookout for one as it should hit your Surface RT any time now.

Any Surface RT user would know that battery life is one of the strong points of the tablet and it provides substantial amount of backup as it is. And an improvement to that would be more than welcome as nobody would hate extending the battery life of their tablet. The changelog suggests that the update brings audio and video improvements to the table as well as an improved app and driver compatibility with Windows 8. According to Microsoft-News, where the news originated from, the update has brought more fluidity to the UI and some improvements to 3rd party apps along with Xbox Music. These improvements will certainly bring a smile on the users’ faces, and while it might not be a huge improvement over the older version of Windows 8 RT, it is very welcome.

It is hard to make the Surface RT more appealing to new buyers with these updates as the problem lies in the core of it all. Windows 8 Pro is more of a complete Windows experience, compared to Windows RT and that’s all thanks to the better utilization of the stock desktop. This is an area where the Surface RT fails miserably and that is one of the main reasons for its disapproval among loyalist Windows users. A casual Windows user would pick up the Surface RT thinking it could do everything a Windows PC does, and he is instantly sold with the desktop view of the tablet. Little does he know that the tablet can’t actually install software like he would on a Windows desktop. If not for this glitch, the Surface RT wouldn’t have been a bad bargain at all. But looking at the competition, it’s just hard to be positive about this from Microsoft. Now all eyes are set on the Surface Pro which will be a little more closer to a real Windows desktop as it can install and run regular Windows apps. However, the pricing hasn’t impressed a lot of us.

Source: Microsoft
Via: Microsoft News

4 Replies to “Microsoft Surface RT Getting a Firmware Update to Improve Battery Life and Overall Performance”

  1. The Surface tablet has many strong points and not many weak points. Your assertion that it is a bad tablet is not backed up and is IMO completely wrong. Out of the box the Surface is attractive, quick, portable. It comes with a 3mm thick cover that is also a very capable keyboard and touchpad. It also runs office, has a full file system, connects to network resources including remote desktop without a single 3rd party app. The surface may well be the BEST tablet on the market.

  2. The bias in your story is so blatant it’s actually laughable.

    People buying these units know exactly what they are getting, a tablet.

    Much like your, I am sure beloved, Nexus line and other android tablets…. what are they installing other than things off the Play Store?

    The Surface is the most well made tablet in existence, hands down.

    For the price, you are getting a remarkable machine that won’t smash apart if you happen to drop it.

    How’s that nexus 4 doing btw? Enough cracks yet?

    How about that nexus 7, did the edging start to come loose?

    Ipad? Nice dent you have there.

    WHat’s most satisfying is the “fear” eminating from your article, you know the end is coming.

  3. “It is hard to make the Surface RT more appealing to new buyers with these updates as the problem lies in the core of it all. Windows 8 Pro is more of a complete Windows experience.”

    This article tells you 2 things. You are getting an important update and that people aren’t buying or are happy because the Surface RT isn’t running the full version of Windows 8. Surface RT runs on apps and it comes with Office. Maybe some people prefer not paying for Office on their device, not have a fan on their tablet and the extra weight. I can transfer files easily onto my external hard drive (pictures, music, and video) with my USB port (no Itunes required). I didn’t need to load an app to print to my printer. It just loaded the driver and my tablet is good to go (doesn’t require an Airprint printer). Andre (above) is right about me needing Office as one of the more important reasons for buying RT. The RT is not a laptop but if I need my laptop I’ll bring it. I’m also not into buying cheaply made plastic devices.

  4. Not sure the article is too well thought out. What surface owners that…
    1) demo the unit in Aa Microsoft store or
    2) are willing to spend $500+ over the Internet…

    …are expecting the current Surface to run any desktop application other than Office.

    Probably less than 1% of the units sold. Its a TABLET that u “can” run Office on. Most buyers know this.

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