Microsoft Sells 750,000 Xbox 360s During Black Friday

Microsoft has sold over 750,000 Xbox 360s during Black Friday weekend. While it isn’t much of a surprise, they did surpass their expectations while also surpassing the Wii U’s sales. Nintendo manages to sell 400,000 Wii U’s during Black Friday. Although, the fact that they were experiencing frequent supply shortages may have factored into that number. Regardless, both the Wii U and the Xbox 360 have been extremely popular this past weekend. Although, I am expecting that Sony will blow both companies out of the water when they release their sales figures. The PlayStation 3 250GB Black Friday bundle was often sitting at a mere $199, cheaper than both the Xbox 360 and Wii U. That resulted in the PlayStation 3 selling out extremely fast every time it was available to buy.

In other news, the Nintendo DS and 3DS were fairly profitable, sitting at 250,000 and 275,000 units sold, respectively. While that is no where near as much as the Xbox 360 or even the Wii U, it’s still pretty nice for a handheld device, I’d say.

Hopefully Sony will release their sales figures fairly shortly, as I am anxious to see how much they actually sold. Whenever I went to go buy a PlayStation 3, I would hit the page and it would be Sold Out, the Black Friday 2012 bundle that is. That said, it makes me quite curious.

We’ll keep you all update as to when Sony releases their sales figures. It should only be a couple of days before they do, maybe even a couple of hours.

Did you manage to get your hands on one of Sony’s Black Friday bundle PlayStation 3’s during the Black Friday weekend sale? Did you manage to grab a Xbox 360 or even a Wii U even? Did you end up getting any type of console this year?

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