Microsoft promotes Andy Lee as leader of corporate development and strategy

Software giant Microsoft is starting to make key personnel moves a day after Windows boss Steven Sinofsky decided to leave the company, promoting mobile guru Andy Lee as the head of corporate development and strategy.

According to a reliable insider, Lee was quietly assigned to other division a month ago after assuming one of the major roles in the development of Windows Phone.

Lee is widely regarded as a mobile guru for Microsoft, which has been his employer for 20 years. Aside from his role behind the Windows Phone, Lee also pulled off a joint venture with Barnes & Noble for the development of a Nokk application for Windows 8.

In his new role, Lee will no longer report to Microsoft chief operating officer Steve Ballmer but to the company’s CFO Peter Klein. Being the head of corporate development and strategy, Lee is tasked to monitor the company’s acquisitions, investments and business strategies.

Tech observer believes Lee perfectly fits his new role largely because of his solid foundation in sales, marketing, and business leadership.

On Tuesday, Sinofsky stunned the tech world after he announced his resignation after over two decades of working for the largest software provider in the world. Sinofsky is known as a brilliant executive for the corporation but he has been profiled as temperamental colleague and not easy to work with.

Sinofsky’s relationship with Ballmer reportedly went sour months before his resignation, prompting speculations that it’s got to be the reason behind his abrupt departure.

Sinofsky’s has been an asset for Mircrosoft, establishing a solid reputation for shipping quality products on time and spearheaded the conceptualization of Windows 7 – the software the bailed out Mircrosoft from disaster with the release of much-maligned Windows Vista.

However, an insider said Ballmer had enough of Sinofsky’s divisive approach and felt that moving separate ways is the best decision to make.

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