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Microsoft is working on an augmented reality glasses to compete with Google’s Project Glass

In light to making things portable and mobile, Microsoft may resort to making its own electronic glasses that would stand in competition with Google’s Project Glass. A recent report suggests that the software giant is currently working on an augmented reality glasses and has already filed a patent application for it.

It may be easier to say that Microsoft will be competing with Google using this technology but it seems like it is not really the case. Microsoft’s glasses are reportedly designed to be worn and used during live events like sports games and concerts; whereas, Google’s Project Glass is intended to provide information to the wearers, thus, they should be worn more often than the former.

In the patent application published today, it is apparent that Microsoft’s augmented reality glasses would provide information about an event including the duration and place where it is held. “A computer implemented method providing supplemental information to a user with a head mounted display viewing a live event, comprising: receiving an indication that a user is attending a live event, the live event having an event duration.”

It would also be built to provide information about the objects, or perhaps persons, on the field. If you’ve been watching sci-fi movies, like the popular Terminator series, you already have a notion what these glasses can do. Basically, information are fed to the wearers of these glasses but as far as accuracy of information is concerned, we will still have to wait and learn when it’s released in the following months, perhaps.

“… retrieving supplemental information describing at least the objects in the field of view of the user during a portion of the live event; determining elements of said supplemental information to present to the user in the head mounted display; and displaying the supplemental information in one or more display elements in the head mounted display.”

[source: USPTO | via: Phone Arena]

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