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Microsoft is planning to develop its own line of smartphone

The launch of Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT paved a way to a brighter future for the company striving to compete with current industry players, namely, Apple and Google. While Microsoft still holds the crown being the software giant, recent reports suggest it is planning to take on a different route by developing its own smartphone. It is reportedly working with various hardware manufacturers and suppliers in Asia to test a new design.

For now, we may take these reports with a pinch of salt but considering the company’s capability, there could be some truth behind these allegations. The Microsoft Surface is the company’s foray into the hardware sector of the mobile market and the fact that Oprah subtly endorsed it we can expect the device to achieve a whole new level in terms of sales. Additionally, Microsoft’s Xbox gaming console has always been a hit ever since it was released almost a decade ago. The point is Microsoft knows how to market its devices together with its new software and operating systems. The development of its own line of smartphone bearing its own OS may just make way to a better competition with iOS and Android devices.

The rumors about Microsoft’s development of its own smartphone may be good news for Windows Phone users but definitely bad for Nokia. The Finnish mobile phone maker had to partner with Microsoft to offer Windows Phone to its customers who are in the brink of turning to other brands that offer cooler features. If Microsoft develops its own smartphone, Nokia many not be able to survive the competition. There is no guarantee that it will become a success but it is the best way to prepare if its partners would fail in the future.

According to a report from LA Times, Microsoft’s smartphone that is believed to come with either 4 or 5 inches display is currently in testing phase. The Wall Street Journal also reported that people at Microsoft don’t idea whether there will be a large scale phone production or not. The company hasn’t released an official statement regarding these rumors.

[sources: LA Times | Wall Street Journal]

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