Meizu MX2 with Quad-Core Exynos Processor 2GB RAM and up to 64GB Internal Storage to Launch Tomorrow 13th Nov

Large western smartphone manufacturing companies are battling for the high end smartphone market.  Samsung, HTC, Apple and other growing companies are on the grand stage of battling for the newfound love and passion for powerful smartphones.  Smaller companies are not being left behind either, we have seen the emergence of companies such as Oppo, Xiaomi and Huawei come up with impressive phones that got the attention of the Geeks and users seeking high end yet cheap Android smartphones.  This time, another company, Meizu, has got the attention of the enthusiasts and fans alike with their MX2 smartphone that taunts some of the most impressive specs I have seen in a while.

The Chinese company is said to be preparing for the launch of their powerful smartphone with a quad-core Exynos processor and 2GB RAM, core specs that rival the currently bestselling Smartphone Samsung’s Galaxy SIII.  The company is preparing to launch the smartphone tomorrow Tuesday November 13th.  If you have been in touch with the advancements in the market, you will know Meizu from their Meizu MX phone which entered the market last summer but the impact was not that much because it is not such a ‘renowned’ company.

Although specs alone are not what makes a smartphone great, they are the most important elements to consider, the software and quality of build matters as well.  The MX2 boasts of 2GB of RAM, a 4.4 inch 1280 x 800 pixels resolution screen (with and a whopping 64GB of internal memory.  This is a major development in the smartphone world, considering the 64GB onboard memory which most smartphones do not come with (343 PPI display density) most phones come with 16 and 32GB as standard).  What the phone lacks though, in terms of setting the standards for the smartphone market, is the non-1080p display screen.

The other rumored specs of the MX2 include an 8megapixels rear camera, a 1,930 mAh battery and a new kind of Android OS, the FlyMe OS which is a variation or customized version of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.  The best thing about this phone, and what actually makes it different, is the price which is 2,999 Yuan (about $475).  Well, the bad news is that the phone may not be coming to the US and North American market just like other top smartphones out of China.

The company is launching the phone tomorrow and is expected to hit the shelves on January 1st next year.  Although it may not come to the retail stores in the US, pre-orders are accepted online and many retailers will probably re-sell it online worldwide after it is made available in the mar