Lumia 920 for a penny!

Windows Phone 8 devices are just awesome. Nokia and HTC launched their WP8 devices few weeks back, and Nokia’s devices have been experiencing overwhelming demand. AT&T was the first one to offer Lumia 920 and 820, and they have an exclusivity deal on these, so only they will be selling these devices till the deal last.

Lumia 920 is a flagship device from Nokia, and the most attractive feature it has is perhaps the PureView camera that gives excellent low light performance. The Lumia 920 was rumored to retail at $150 before it was launched, and even at that price it would have been value for money, but AT&T surprised all of us by launching it for just $99.99 for the Lumia 920 on a 2 year contract. A slightly lower model, the Lumia 820 is priced at $49.99 on a 2 year contract across AT&T stores. What’s more? Nokia and AT&T have made the deal even sweeter by providing a free wireless charging pad with each purchase.

I have been posting various deals regarding Lumia devices where you can get discounts on already low prices. CompUSA was perhaps the first to offer a deal on the 820, and later Walmart came up with an excellent deal. You can buy a Lumia 920 or an 820 for $49.99 and $0 respectively from Walmart, which is a $49.99 off over the official AT&T pricing. Sweet.

Recently, Amazon started offering these Lumia devices and since we live in a competitive world, of course they have some deals for us. Amazon has been offering $50 discount on Lumia 920 and Lumia 820, but according to the recent deal from Amazon, they are giving away the Lumia 920 for just a penny. Yes, you read that right. Amazon Wireless if offering Lumia 920 in matte black for just $0.01. The price is only as good as the contract you sign because you are still required to commit to stay subscribed with AT&T for 2 whole years, but then it is still a good deal and you save a little less than $100. If you upgrading or renewing, you can get the deal for just $20, which is still a sweet deal.

For some reason, Amazon is offering only matte black color variant of the device, and other colors don’t exist as options at all. According to sources, stocks of white, yellow, red and cyan Lumia 920 are very scarce, so it may be tough to get hands on one of those, but the device looks really good in those colors. Again, don’t think that there is abundant availability of matte black version because this is what Amazon has to say on their product page:

“Due to overwhelming demand, shipment estimates may be longer than one to two weeks. Orders for this device will ship when available.”

If you are ready to wait for one to two weeks, you should go ahead and reserve one of yourself before they take down the penny deal. What are your thoughts on the deal?

Source: Amazon

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