Leaked Verizon document wireless charging for HTC 8X

A lot of people have been waiting to get their hands on their own, new HTC 8X, the awesome Windows Phone 8 smart phone from the Taiwanese smart phone manufacturer. And of course, which better wireless carrier to get it on other than the Big Red. Yes, Verizon is launching the HTC 8X, but when? And will the rumored wireless charging be present on the device? Well, it looks like it does.

A set of training documents for the wireless carrier’s sales reps has been leaked online. And according to these documents, wireless charging is one of the features of the new HTC 8X. This news was first reported by The Verge a few days, and there were very few reasons to doubt the online publication. But it would be really nice to have official confirmation like this one, which is still unofficial.

The leaked document from the Big Red says, “Wireless charger is built in so you can charge your phone wirelessly with a wireless charging pad (sold separately).”  The AT&T exclusive Nokia Lumia 920 is definitely a more advanced smart phone, but those who want a Windows Phone 8 smart phone on Verizon’s network will have to either go for the HTC 8X, or the Nokia Lumia 822. The leaked document says more about these two smart phones. For example, “Seek a robust music and audio experience” and “Get turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation with offline access from Nokia Drive+.  US maps come preloaded with many more available for download”.

We are still not sure about the launch of these two smart phones. The rumor until now was that the Big Red will be releasing these smart phones to the public on November 8th, which is just four days from today. But now there are rumors that these smart phones will not hit the shelves of the wireless carrier until the Thanksgiving week. We hope that this will not be pushed any more and you will be able to get your HTC 8X ($199) or Lumia 822 ($99) very soon.

Source: WP Central

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