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Launching of Windows Phone 8 Headlines Busy Week in Tech World

Microsoft’s lunch of Windows Phone 8 banners a busy week in the technology industry, which also includes the release of Apple’s newest tablet – the iPad Mini and 4th Generation iPad – and the partial communication blackout caused by Hurricane Sandy.

A week after launching its latest operating system (the Windows 8), Washington-based tech power Microsoft unveiled their next-generation mobile operating system — the Windows Phone 8.

Microsoft’s newest product immediately got the attention of tech enthusiasts about its capability to support multicore processors, mobile payments and ‘tighter relationship with the Windows platform. The incorporation of the live tiles instead of icons also provides fresher look in the smartphone segment – though a patent-infringement claims is already being sought against Microsoft.

Timing is really of the essence for Mircrosoft, who launched the Windows Phone 8 just days before Hurricane Sandy ripped through the Eastern shore.

According to latest report, majority of cellular sites along the Eastern seaboard were toppled or shutdown at the height of Hurricane Sandy.

However, just a couple of days after the hurricane, hundreds of tech followers stormed into Apple’s flagship store in New York City for the launching of iPad Mini and 4th generation iPad.

CNET reported both the Minis and 4th-Gen iPad were already sold out in the NYC store but the estimated opening weekend sale of Apple’s newest tablet appears to be much lower than of its predecessor.

On other related news, Windows 8 Laptop is now taking the lead following the emergence of touch and hybrid laptops in the tech market.

Our industry is rebuilding itself around new classes of devices,” Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said this week in his keynote for the Build conference in Seattle, according to

“With Windows 8 we built a generation of systems that embraces multiple worlds, the PC and the tablet…keyboard and touch,” he added.

Several business analysts said Microsoft could get a decisive edge over Apple in the laptop wars  if consumers turn out to be gravitating towards touch capability of their notebooks.

“Touch is as big an addition as the mouse was more than 20 years ago. For many tasks, it’s a better way to interact with the PC. Everything is different from here on out,” said Mike Feibus, Principal Analyst at TechKnowledge Strategies in Scottsdale, Ariz.


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