Knights Of Pen And Paper For Android Review

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: $1.99

Download: Google Play | iTunes

It isn’t everyday that you will come across a game like Knights Of Pen & Paper. From the name of the game, you’ve probably already been able to guess that it is indeed and RPG. While this game was inspired by the original pen and paper RPG’s of the 90’s it is plagued by quite a few bugs. Two of those bugs is using the games in-game shop and cauldron, which will ultimately crash the game. Regardless though, if you can get past the bugs (that should be fixed soon) this specific game is fluid and very entertaining. Not to mention it is on the cheap side for how much work has actually gone into the creation of the game.

In Knights Of Pen And Paper there are 12 different classes, but 6 of those classes has to be unlocked. On the other hand, you have 17 different characters to choose from minus the five characters that are unlockable. Along with that, Knights Of Pen And Paper offers a wealth of content for you to play through. It has over a 100 different quests and fifty different monsters to choose from. You won’t find this game to be redundant whatsoever. Besides that, you’ll find lots of choices in equipment for your character along with a lot of different professions to choose from such as blacksmithing or even enchanting. That said, there is a lot of customization in terms of gameplay for you to choose from. You’ll definitely have hours of content to play through with this game, especially if you ever decide to create a new character and experience everything it has to offer. This kind of customization is what we need to see more of in games. I really love what the developers have done with this game.

The game is definitely different from a lot of others on Google Play at this moment, which is what makes it great. Games that stand out from the rest of crowd, if done well, are often really fun to play. That said, if you love retro pixel art and enjoy the Pen and Paper RPG experience, you are going to love what Knights Of Pen And Paper has to offer you. It costs $1.99, which is entirely worth it for the amount of content you are offered. Along with that, your supporting the developer to continue work on the game (which, I would love to see more of).

All in all, Knights of Pen and Paper brings a fun and unique RPG experience to your Android or iOS device. With an entertaining storyline and dozens of characters and classes to play around with, you should have at least a few hours of time to play around with this game. If you’re on the fence about this one, unfortunately there isn’t a free version of the game, but you can always buy it, try it out for five minutes and grab a refund (if I am correct, Google lets you get an immediate refund within 15 minutes of purchase).

Highly recommend game!

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