JBL releases Lightning-compatible speaker docks for new generation iOS devices

American audio authority, JBL, is the first company to have given solution to minor problem that is bugging iPhone 5 and new iOS devices owners. It has recently unveiled the existence of its speaker docks that are compatible with the smaller Lightning connector of the new devices. So, anyone who owns an iPhone 5, the new iPad, iPad Mini, iPod touch and latest iPod nano and wants to enjoy good quality music can buy one of the two speaker docks JBL is offering; you can either buy the tabletop speaker dock called JBL OnBeat Venue LT or the more compact OnBeat Micro.

JBL OnBeat Venue LT. Basically, this is the Lightning-friendly version of JBL’s previous Venue speaker docks. There may not have many differences from previous models but the new one comes more powerful with 30 watts (peak music power output) of amplification with its dual full-range drivers for high definition audio. OnBeat Venue speakers have always received good ratings from both audio lovers and average users alike. It is because JBL delivers what it promises. There is no official pricing for this dock yet but it is believed to cost around $200.

JBL OnBeat Micro. For iPhone 5 users who may want to listen to high definition and soft music late at night, JBL OnBeat Micro may be the perfect option. It is compact and extremely light with good design. JBL has designed this model to be power-economical. It can be powered by four AAA batteries for 5 hours but it offers up to 4 watts of music power output; that’s enough to make music audible even when you’re in a crowded place. It can also be powered by an AC power in case your near a source. It is reportedly priced at $100.

The good thing about having speaker docks is that your beloved iPhone, or any smartphones, will always have a good place to stay on. That means that it reduces the risk of being scratched or misplaced. For sure you’ve heard that iPhone 5’s paint can easily be scratched or chipped off. So, instead of putting it flat on your table, why don’t you get one of these speaker docks?

[source: JBL | via: PhoneArena]

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