It’s Curtains for the Nexus S and the Motorola XOOM; No Android 4.2 and Future Updates


When we speak of Nexus devices, if there’s one thing that comes to mind, it is that they’re pretty future proofed (timely updates). But due to hardware limitations, it is hard for the manufacturers to support a particular device forever. And today we are seeing two such devices going off Google’s radars, namely the Samsung Nexus S and the Motorola XOOM. Although the XOOM tablet cannot really be considered as a Nexus device, it was one of the first tablets out there to receive the newest version of Android back in July (Android 4.1). All of this thanks to Google’s acquisition of Motorola which pretty much brought the XOOM under the company’s radar. But sadly, both the Nexus S and the Motorola XOOM tablet will not receive the next major update of Android, i.e. Android 4.2. The info was given out by Google’s AOSP lead, Jean-Baptiste Queru.

Currently running Android 4.1.2, these two devices have been supported by Google long enough, and it’s only due to hardware limitations that the company has decided to take this step. While this might come as disappointing news to owners, it is understandable, as Google wouldn’t want to merely satisfy its customers with the expense of a laggy UI. However, considering that Android 4.2 is merely a “dot” upgrade from Android 4.1, one might have hoped Google would roll it out eventually. But since the confirmation has come from Google, it’s pretty much over now for these users.

Realistically speaking though, Google has supported these devices long enough to please owners. And with the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 already in the market, it might just be the right time for Nexus S and XOOM owners to upgrade. This, again, reinstates the benefits of getting a Nexus device and sticking with it. Last year’s ICS roll out for the Nexus S was kind of a dud which resulted in a delay. Jelly Bean however was much smoother and came with newer and better features, vastly improving the user experience.

Now that your beloved Nexus S or Moto XOOM is out of Google’s support cycle, you might also want to consider rooting them in order to taste newer and better versions of Android. We can sense that the developers are already hard at work to cook up the Android 4.2 ROM for these devices, but as hardware limitation was the major concern with Google, fluidity might be an issue.

Are there any Nexus S/Motorola XOOM owners out there? Let us know how you feel about Google’s decision to leave the two devices from its support cycle by leaving a comment below.

Source: Google AOSP
Via: Phandroid