iOS 6 and Safari updated

When you read about an update to the fairly new mobile operating system from the Cupertino tech giant, iOS 6, you would expect the company to have fixed the horrible Maps app. But that is not the case this time around. The company says it was more focused on fixing some of the bugs that it has found on the iOS 6 operating system, and fixing some security holes. So that is what the update is about. Also, the company has an update for the Safari browser on your Mac computers as well.

The update for Safari is a comparatively tiny 47 MB update. But the iOS update which bumps the operating system version on your Apple mobile device to version 6.0.1, is a very big 780.5 MB. And yes, you can download this on your historic iPhone 3GS as well, tested already.

The company has addressed many bugs which have been preventing the users from doing certain things, or letting the users do more than what is actually needed. For example, a particular bug in the operating system prevents the iPhone 5 from installing software updates wirelessly, which is a major concern. Another bug gives access to all the Passcode details you have got on your Apple smart phone, even when the smart phone is in the lock mode. If you want to know which other bugs have been fixed, the complete list can be found here. Also, the complete list of security updates can be found here.

To download the updates, you will have to open the App Store app on your Mac desktop or laptop computer, and click the Updates button. To download the big iOS 6.0.1 update, you will have to change the target device in the App Store app. Once you select an iOS compatible device, you will be able to download the 780 MB update as well.

Source: The Register

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