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imo instant messenger for Android and iOS

A couple of weeks back, I wrote about how instant messaging apps such as Whatsapp are becoming popular on a daily basis. More and more number of smart phone users are going online with such instant messaging apps and the use of the traditional Short Messaging Service (SMS) messages is decreasing. Today, we are looking at one other such app, the imo instant messenger.

The imo messenger is one of the best instant messaging apps on Android and iOS. The app has seen more than a million downloads and both the platforms. The feature rich app makes communication between two imo users a lot easier. The app provides a plethora of features, which we are going to discuss now.

To begin with, the imo messenger for Android and iOS lets you manage multiple accounts from the same app. For example, you just need to add your Google, AIM, Facebook, Skype, MSN, Yahoo, and other accounts to your imo account once, and whenever and wherever you login, you will be able to see your friends from all your connected accounts. And when you are online on these accounts, the app lets you group chat with your friends. You can either create groups on imo and add your friends, or use the already created groups in your Skype account.

Along with text messages, the imo messenger lets you send multimedia content to your contacts. For example, you can send an image to your chat buddy right from the app. And, if you are tired of typing on the small screen of your smart phone, you can just record a 30 second voice message and send it like an attachment. The app is now being tested for voice calls in the latest beta version of the app. The voice call feature is one of the most demanded features in such apps.

If your smart phone comes with an NFC chip, you can send multimedia content through imo using the NFC communication feature. There are a lot more features in this instant messaging app, which is making it a hit on both Android and iOS operating systems. Download the latest version of the app today either from the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store to enjoy uninterrupted chat sessions.


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