Hyundai Motors posts highest sales volume growth among top 5 brands in China

The automotive industry reached great heights of success this year with Hyundai Motors making the highest sales volume growth among top 5 brands in China. This South Korea’s largest automaker Hyundai Motors sold 80,598 cars in October reporting 36.6 percent on-year.

To start with, the largest seller, Shanghai Volkswagen (Shanghai Dazhong), in terms of volumes, said its October sales grew at a record pace of 31.0 percent increase in sales volume buoyed by strong demand for a new version of a popular car model and a low comparison base.

The second largest carmaker FAW-Volkswagen (Yiqi Dazhong) reported success with 32.6 percent, the third biggest company Shanghai General Motors (Shanghai GM) with 13.8 percent and the fifth biggest company Changan Ford Mazda with 27.8 percent.

The Langdong was divulged and revealed in China in last August. This was cardinally and critically designed to be equipped with sophisticated style, exceptional features, higher and improved quality and economy to meet local consumers’ preferences. The sales volume of the new strategic model has escalated from 11,613 in August to 15,243 in September to 18,207 in October this year. Tucson, the company’s another model, locally named ix35, sold 12,519 units in October, up 64.5 percent on-year.

Even as other auto makers reported sales growth during October, industry officials and analysts strongly feel and consider the fact that it may still not signal a reawakening and renewal in the car market, which has been hit by high interest rates and fuel prices, besides fears of job losses as well.

The achievement and the attainment of success has been bulwarked and buttressed by the new model Langdong released in August and the augmentation and development of the Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) market in China, which has eased and promoted huge sales growth of ix35.  Still they feel that there is some space for improvement. And it should be possible to bring more cars in the market.

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