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HTC Takes a Dig at the Lumia 920’s Weight


It’s all about light weight phones these days. It’s hard to recall where the trend began basically, but it seems like it’s catching up quite well with manufacturers all across the tech sphere. This is actually something that the companies endorse these days, so light weight phones are a fairly big deal. The iPhone 5, the Galaxy S III, the Galaxy Nexus or any other device out there is very light weight. But the Lumia 920 by Nokia stands out from the crowd of light weight smartphones. And HTC has decided to take a dig at the bulkiness of the device on its official Facebook page. To give you an idea of the exact weight difference between the two devices beforehand, the HTC 8X weighs 130 grams while the Lumia 920 weighs a hefty 185 grams. The picture posted on HTC’s Facebook page read a caption – “Don’t get weighed down. The HTC 8X is more than 20 pennies lighter than that ‘other’ Windows Phone.

By referring to the Lumia 920 as the “other Windows Phone”, HTC has certainly drawn battle lines. There’s no doubt that the HTC Windows Phone 8X falls behind the Lumia 920 in certain aspects, but that didn’t stop the company from taking a hit at the 920. There are certain factors which account for the weight of the Lumia 920 which most of us aren’t aware of. Mainly the camera, which requires an additional enclosure with springs for Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and the wireless charging panel on the back which also adds up a fair bit to the overall weight. Even HTC has plans for a wireless charging panel with the Verizon 8X, so this little gimmick might just backfire in due time.

Regardless, it’s a fair statement and people favoring lighter phones will certainly have a listen. Besides the camera and the display size, most of what’s inside the Lumia 920 and the HTC Windows Phone 8X is exactly the same, be it the dual core Snapdragon S4 chip or the 1GB of RAM. It’s all the same. So for the users who aren’t particularly fond of a camera oriented smartphone, the 8X is a very viable option. HTC certainly doesn’t want to go easy on its WP brethren, which is contrary to the general belief of WP8 OEMs working in close quarters. It’s pretty fierce out there, and this little stunt proves that. We wonder what Samsung has to say about this, which is renowned for making light weight phones.

Source: HTC Facebook
Via: WP Central

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