HTC Stores Slowly Rolling Out

HTC has opened their own store in Hamburg, Germany. Well, they sort of have, at least. Their store isn’t a stand alone store like a Microsoft or Apple store, it is a store within-a-store. Like Apple and Microsoft, it does have trained staff and displays of their devices. The layout of the store is extremely similar to Apple sections that you would find in various Best Buy locations in the United States. While HTC has only rolled out one mini-store in Germany, HTC has said that they are planning on taking this mini-store model to other parts of the world as well. These stores will give HTC a bit more recognition as they try to catch-up with Samsung’s record earnings last month along with their own financial issues that they reported recently.

With some of the new devices that the company has been coming out with (e.g. DROID DNA, One X+), I personally wouldn’t mind seeing devices like that for myself in-store. That said, HTC mini-stores will be a great marketing tool for the company, as there are a lot of people that would like to play around with devices in-store before going ahead and agreeing to a two-year contract online.

What do you think of HTC starting up their own stores around the world? Do you think that having mini-stores placed around malls in the world will ultimately help their finances? Do you think that a mini-store would prove to be as helpful as an Apple store is to Apple or a Microsoft store to Microsoft?

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source: TalkAndroid

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