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HTC Droid DNA Press Render Leaked

Over the past few weeks we have seen leak after leak onVerizon and HTC’s Droid DNA (originally codenamed DLX). We’ve covered a lot of device leaks from other sources, but the image above, which happens to come from legit Twitter leaker @evleaks, could be the most accurate and clearest look at the up and coming 5-inch device. The promotional render shows the front of the phone, touting the HTC Sense home screen and an extremely Verizon-themed wallpaper. As you would see on many of the HTC One series of phones, the handset touts the three capacitive keys — back home and task switching, along with the stylized ear piece or speaker that can be found at the top of the render. It is definitely a nice smartphone, in fact, I think the design is a lot more fluid than some of their past phones. Although, the HTC One X is really nice as well.

All that said, it looks like, based off of this rendition, that Verizon is getting their own version of the HTC J Butterfly, which was a Japanese handset touting a quad-core Sanpdragon S4 chip along with a 5-inch 1080p SuperLCD3 screen.

Some info roaming around the internet is suggesting that the Droid DNA might be surfacing around Black Friday, with November 20th being a preferable launch date. If they do indeed go for a November 20th launch, I couldn’t think of a better time to introduce this bad boy. A week before the rumored launch date, Verizon and HTC will be in New York City for their joint event. At that event we should be seeing an unveiling of the HTC Droid DNA. Hopefully this device meets some great success, especially with HTC not doing so well financially as of late.

This is going to be a really awesome handset for Verizon as they head into the holiday season. Are any of you considering grabbing one of these guys or is there another phone you are looking forward to? Sound off in the comments below!

source: Android Central

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