HTC DROID DNA Announced Today At Verizon And HTC Event In NYC

As reported yesterday, Verizon and HTC have officially announced the new DROID DNA smartphone and boy does it look amazing! This new smartphone is going to be the ultimate DROID device and will be the most advanced smartphone on the market. The hardware specs are drool worthy:

  • 1080p 5-inch LCD3 display running at 440ppi
  • Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor running at 1.5GHz
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16GB storage
  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with Sense 4+

HTC has said that the display actually has a viewing angle of up to 80 degrees and is also around 50 percent brighter than the widely popular Samsung Galaxy S III. The Taiwan-based company has also decided to put in wireless charging in the all new DROID DNA, which will be the first for the DROID series of smartphones. HTC also notes that the camera has been improved as well. Both the front and rear facing cameras are now packing f2.0 lenses. In the camera app you will also found that HTC has drastically improved the face detection, smile detection, sight-seeing mode, and even the auto portrait mode. HTC didn’t neglect audiophiles either. The company notes that the DROID DNA has two built-in amplifiers, Beats Audio, and Beats Pill coming soon. Is this device sounding wicked sweet or what?

According to HTC Design Director Jonah Becker, the new smartphone was indeed meant to be the ultimate smartphone. The DROID DNA is set to go on sale next week on November 21st for $199. The pre-order page should be available for viewing later today. At $199 for this revolutionary device, I can say that this is an amazing price. We’ve seen a lot of the specifications on this bad boy for the past few weeks as rumors of the device was surfacing on just about every corner of the internet.

HTC has been struggling financially, and the new 10 year agreement with Apple isn’t helping with that. HTC even predicts that their Q4 results are going to look even worse than their Q3 results. This could be potentially be the device that gets them out of the water, so to speak. If you look at the hardware that the DROID DNA is packing, you should see right there that this is one of the best smartphones heading to the market hardware-wise. There is no doubt that an influx of people are going to want this phone simply because its one of the best.

Hopefully things end up going really well for HTC as they move forward with the DROID DNA. It’s a really good phone, and so far the overall impressions of the device have been really good. Aside from that, the display running at 440ppi is going to be a huge selling point. The amount of pixels on this device is just outstandingly beautiful on this smartphone.

Are you interested in getting the new HTC DROID DNA when it releases later this month? Do you think that this is something you would prefer over the Samsung Galaxy S III or are you still loving that smartphone? Sound off in the comments below!

source: Talk Android


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