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HTC Deluxe a.k.a DLX Not Making its Way to Europe, Says HTC


The Droid DNA or the J Butterfly, as it is known in the U.S and Japan is one of HTC’s top smartphones right now. The company is believed to take the wraps off the international sibling of the aforementioned smartphones with the HTC Deluxe. The rest of the world was pretty excited about HTC’s new offering and was eagerly looking forward to its launch. And thanks to the recent leak involving a few official images of the device, people couldn’t get more excited. But it seems like a few are going to be utterly disappointed, especially the ones in Europe. HTC Germany has come out on Facebook by mentioning that the smartphone will not be making its way to Europe. The comment was made on HTC Germany’s official Facebook page, where a user posted a query about HTC’s new offering. As you can see from the image above, it is pretty clearly mentioned that the device WON’T make its way to Europe (translated from German). Now this is really not what we saw coming, especially considering the kind of poor run HTC is having. The HTC Deluxe was believed to be the next big thing and a key in HTC’s future in the industry, especially in the global arena.

While it doesn’t appear good on the surface, we can’t stop wondering if HTC is working on a separate version of the DLX for the European markets or if it’s completely ruling out the possibility of any such device hitting European shores. The company has failed to give a confirmation on that bit, but we don’t quite understand the move by HTC. Another possibility as rightly mentioned by Pocketnow is that the HTC Deluxe could well be the early code name for the Droid DNA or the J Butterfly, and that it doesn’t really exist in reality. But we find that a little too hard to believe especially after the recent leaks of the smartphone.


There’s always a way to get the device if it remains an Asia Pacific exclusive, but to not have a device of its caliber launch in the region should sting a lot of fans. Let’s hope HTC has something special planned for the European customers as most of its users come from that region, along with Asia of course. As you know, the Droid DNA in the U.S is an exclusive on Verizon and the J Butterfly hasn’t seen a launch outside Japan. So as of now, it pretty much remains an exclusive in these countries with no official word coming from HTC on the launch of the Deluxe. We must have more info on that in the coming days, hopefully.

Source: HTC Germany (Facebook)
Via: Pocketnow

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