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HTC Boss Calls Apple Settlement Figures Outrageous

High Tech Computer Corporation boss Peter Chou showed his optimism about their latest settlement deal with American tech firm Apple, but debunks reports of an ‘outrageous’ figures circulating around.

Chou said he feels very much happy after seeing its long-running feud with Apple comes to an end after both companies agreed to hammer a 10-year cross-licensing agreement deal last Saturday.

However, reports had it that the settlement agreement put HTC on the losing end because it requires the Taiwanese smartphone maker to pay Apple roughly $6 to $8 per Android Phone shipped in 2013. CNET reported that HTC is shipping between 30 million to 35 million smartphones per year, which could sum up around $180 to $280 million in annual revenue.

Chou said the reports were ‘baseless and very very wrong,’ though HTC top honcho remains mum on the actual amount of money involved.

HTC President Jason MacKenzie also expressed his delight about the breakthrough agreement with Apple, believing the deal would bring in more positive feedback to the company. He also asserted the settlement money would not undermine the company’s financial stability.

Apple has been taking their legal battle with Android to another notch as of late, planning to strike the same settlement deal with Samsung after repairing their rapport with HTC.

Samsung reportedly want to see more details of the Apple-HTC settlements because the deal may likely involve similar patents. Nevertheless, Samsung is firm in its stance to duke it out with Apple in business or legal way.

“It may be true that HTC may have agreed to pay 300 billion won (US$276 million) to Apple, but we don’t intend to (negotiate) at all,” Shin Jong-kyun, who is the top boss in the South Korean tech giant’s mobile and IT division.

Samsung and Apple continue to dominate this particular market as the two tech giants rank first and second respectively in the list of top smart phone maker in the world.

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