HPSA Nexus 7 Back In Stock In The Play Store

While the HSPA version of the Nexus 7 didn’t sell out as quickly as the widely popular Nexus 4 or the Nexus 10, it did manage to go out of stock only a little while after it went on sale on the UK Google Play Store. Good news for consumers wanting to get their hands on one of these bad boys though, the tablet is back on sale with its standard 3-5 day shipping window.

In the United Kingdom the HSPA version of the Nexus 7 sells at £239, and also is loaded with 32GBs of on-board storage. If you’re looking for a Wi-Fi only variant, those are still available for purchase in the UK Play Store as well. The 16 gig variant is priced at £159 and the 32 gig variant is priced at £199. Like just about the rest of the world, the Nexus 4 still remains out of stock and we shouldn’t be seeing more stock for a few weeks now, according to Google. In the mean time, the Nexus 10 has been listed with a 2-3 week shipping window.

Hopefully more Nexus 4 stock will arrive on the Play Store very soon. Of course, I’d expect it to sell out just as fast as the previous batch, but lets hope for the best.

Have you picked up one of the HSPA variants of the Nexus 7? Are you liking it so far? If you haven’t picked one up, do you plan on purchasing one? On another note, have you received your Nexus 4 yet despite Google’s announcement of backordering?

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source: Android Central 

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