Help Pages Shows More Information On Future Google Wallet Card

There has been a lot of speculation as to whether we will be seeing a real-life physical Google Wallet card that will go along with the Google Wallet app. Leaked screenshots and an apk showed some hints at that earlier last week, and this week we have seen even more hints on a physical Google Wallet card. It seems that Google Wallet may actually just be headed to your physical wallet as a physical payment card. It seems like this specific card will be linked to your Wallet account and also your associated payment cards. Definitely an awesome idea, and would definitely prove to be a publicity boost for Google.

Further evidence has surfaced and suggested that the physical Google Wallet card will soon become a very real thing. Google Wallet’s help page had been briefly updated with some references to the card and devices that it would be compatible with. Thankfully TechCrunch was able to take a quick look at what handsets would be compatible with it. You can check out their full rundown here. Thus far there is not info as to when this physical Google Wallet card would be arriving, or even what countries it would be available in. Although, United States only is probably what we can expect to see. Still, the fact that help pages are continuously being prepare suggests that the launch of the physical card might be happening very soon. Although, I doubt we will be seeing it until early 2013 at the earliest. Due to the end of 2012 nearly upon us, I doubt we will be seeing a whole lot in terms of Google Wallet.

It is important to note that all references to the physical Google Wallet card on the help page have been pulled. Which, sort of confirms that we definitely will be seeing this if Google is so keen on keeping the information hidden  from the public. Then again, they could just be trying to keep the Google Wallet card under wraps due to their competitors like Isis. A Google Wallet card sounds pretty awesome and would be something I would be interested in, but for now, I think I would rather Google focus on getting carriers to enable Google Wallet. The fact that we can’t use the service on AT&T and Verizon really stinks, especially with some really advanced phones like the Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III.

All in all, there is a Google Wallet physical card in the works, and we should be seeing it extremely soon, especially with help pages already getting built for it. Hopefully Google will be making an official announcement of the card fairly soon. I’m sure we are all fairly excited to see what Google is going to offer next with its Google Wallet service.

Are you looking forward to a real-life physical Google Wallet card? Would that be something you would use and maybe even replace the main usage of your other credit cards in your wallet? Do you use Google Wallet for most of your payments? Sound off in the comments below!

source: Android Central

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