Google’s Nexus’ Devices Could Crush The iPhone In Competition

Google’s Nexus 4 is going to be extremely successful. In fact, I think we already know that based off of how quickly the Nexus 4 sold out and then the recent e-mail that was sent out saying the device was on backorder. If that does not scream popularity, I’m not sure what does. Google’s Nexus 4 is going to be stock Android. There isn’t going to be any skins or modifications to the operating system. It is just going to be pure Android. This means that Google can easily compete with Apple’s iOS devices. Don’t get me wrong, the original Galaxy Nexus was a good competitor, but Google has really stepped up their game with the Nexus 4. It packs a lot of good hardware which is arguably better than what the iPhone 5 offers.

Now, the reason Google’s LG-manufactured Nexus 4 is a great competitor for the iPhone 5 is because of two reasons. The first reason being that the upgrade to Android 4.2 brings a whole host of new features to the table, just like the iOS 6 (iOS 5 was just “meh” in my opinion) brought. The second reason is because of the on-going battle between Android and iOS that has been turned up a notch this past year. When Samsung lost to Apple in the San Jose courts a couple of months ago, I think people were starting to realize that there was other things out there that were just as good as the iPhone and maybe even better. That said, I think the consumers out their are looking at different options and getting more interested in what they are choosing now. I don’t have direct proof from this aside from the rapidly increasing Galaxy S III sales after the court ruling a couple of months ago. I can also say I know a few people that have switched from the iPhone 4S to a Galaxy S III or even the older Galaxy Nexus.

All of that said, I think Google’s Nexus lineup is going to be seeing a whole lot more popularity this year (especially after Android owning 72% of the market). Which, I think, means that people are going to be looking at getting something different. The exact opposite of the iPhone maybe? That would point to a Nexus device wouldn’t it? Apple’s going to have some new competition on its hands. The Nexus 4 opens the gates for what’s to come in the future. As more people take interest in the device, we’re most likely going to be seeing Google release more and more Nexus devices.

I know, I know, you’re probably saying to yourself, “Well, the Nexus was a competitor from the start.” Yes it was, but I don’t think it was really a huge thing compared to what the Nexus 4 is bringing. What I’m saying is, the Nexus 4 is going to cause a lot of lost iPhone sales. If Google continues to release Nexus devices on a regular basis, there will definitely be a lot of lost iPhone sales.

Apple needs to step up their game here to keep up with the competition that Google is going to be bringing. We now have a lot of stock Android devices (e.g. Nexus 7, Nexus 10, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4) in the market. All of which are pretty intuitive, and there is bound to be a lot more in the works.

Apple needs to make something new and refreshing. Otherwise, iPhone sales in general might not look that great in the next year or so. Maybe Apple should look at taking more ideas from Captain Picard possibly?

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