Google Wallet Will Eventually Let You Make Purchases On Mobile Websites

You could be on the go a lot and have a need to make a purchase online on your mobile device. Juggling your phone and wallet in your hands is a bit of a hassle when doing this, and then trying to enter your credit card into a mobile site is a nightmare. Our good pal Google is looking to fix this issue by bringing their Google Wallet credit card payments to mobile websites on your phone. The idea behind this is that the website will integrate with the information on Google Wallet that has already been associated with your device, and then (like the Chrome auto-fill settings) auto-fill your name, billing address and card information into all of their respective fields on the website. Pretty easy isn’t it?

Of course, for everything to work in the proper order, this will require that the online websites start to partner up with Google and get the service integrated in just the right way. Upon launch of this new feature, Google will be partnering with people like, and Although, they are very quick to mention that partnerships are in the works for other websites like Finish Line,, Seamless, and as well. There will be more on the way soon too.

This is only going to start to become second nature if all of the more popular retailers in the U.S get on board with this. That said, Google is also offering discounts for those that are using the Google Wallet service right now to try and get people interested in using Google Wallet for more than just the NFC payments that it is so popular for.

I’m pretty excited to see how this is going to turn out. If major retailers start jumping on board, this could potentially be a really useful feature for the consumer.

source: Android Central

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