Google Voice Update Fixes Compatibility Issues With Android 4.2

When Nexus devices started getting the finalized version of Android 4.2 yesterday, Google Voice users noticed that they were getting some terrible incompatibility between the newly introduced software and the app itself. Whenever a new text message was created and a recipient added, the app – for no apparent reason — would crash, thus prevented the message to be sent. This obviously frustrated quite a few users.

Thankfully Google got on the job right away and managed to fix the issue. That said, there is an update for the Google Voice app waiting for you in the Google Play Store. The new version of Google Voice fixes the issue, so your new Nexus 4 or Nexus 7 should be able to using Google Voice flawlessly now.

You can hit the Play Store download link below to grab the latest version of Google Voice.

Download: Play Store

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