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Google Voice Force Closes with Android 4.2


Google announced the LG Nexus 4 and along with it the new version of Android i.e. Android 4.2. Although it’s nothing groundbreaking, it does have a plethora of new features making way to the system. Google also started rolling out the said update to the GSM Galaxy Nexus smartphones, starting from yesterday. However, it now seems like a new bug has made its way along with the update. The said bug apparently makes Google’s own Google Voice application force close when the user tries to send a text via the app. The standard “Unfortunately, Google Voice has stopped” message is shown prior to force closing. This seems like something Google should look into, considering the fact that it has a large number of users. The problem is persistent not only on the Galaxy Nexus, but also the LG Nexus 4, it is believed.

Google Voice has a large number of users in the U.S, and if you’re one of them and own a Galaxy Nexus, you might want to wait till Google rolls out an update for the app. Thankfully though, there’s nothing wrong with the OS itself that’s causing this. We usually see problems like this surface whenever there’s an OS update. So Android 4.2 still remains flawless to a certain extent. Previously, rumors were heard about the app crashing with the Nexus 4 too. But that was disregarded as a pre-release firmware bug. So it’s clearly not that anymore. What’s particularly disappointing though, is the fact that Google’s very own app has to see this fate. One would expect Google to check everything prior to releasing and rolling out a new update. It would be completely understandable had it been a third party app. We expect Google to be working on a fix as we speak. Have you had issues with the app? If yes, feel free to drop a line below.

Source: Android Central

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