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Google Releasing Their Own Chromebook in 2013

Reports are coming in that are stating that Google is getting ready to expand their Chrome OS by releasing their own-brand offering in Q1 of 2013.  A new report coming from the China Times is saying that Google has been in talks with Taiwanese manufactures Compal Electronics and Wintek to handle the hardware side of things. The cool thing about this is that the Google branded Chromebook is going to be a 12.85-inch device that will have touch based input. That would make it the first touch-based Chromebook, if my information is correct.

A touch-based Chromebook will be an interesting experience, and it would offer a different experience than an Android tablet as well. Google isn’t trying compete against their own products here though, as it looks like they are wanting to go against the recently released Microsoft Surface and some other Windows 8 touch-input devices. And who knows, it could turn out to be a better experience than what Windows 8 is currently offering. Then again, best is a relative term.

As you know, Touch input alone isn’t going to encourage a lot of people to switch over to the cloud based Chrome OS. The real kicker here is that its going to come down to pricing. Recent launches like the Nexus 4, 7, 10  has shown that Google can offer a great experience at a extremely cheap price point. Who would of thought you could get such a great experience with the Nexus 7 at $199? I think Google really has some potential with their own-brand Chromebook here, especially if they are able to keep pricing relatively low like they have in the past, especially if they managed to sell this device exclusively in the Play Store.

I’m personally excited to see what Google is going to be doing with this device. I haven’t used the Chrome OS myself before, and I frankly haven’t been interested in it, until now at least. I’ll definitely be watching this with a keen eye.

What do you think of a Google branded Chromebook as opposed to the likes of Acer or Samsung? What do you think of said touch book having touch input?

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source: Android Central, Talk Android

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