Google Releases Statement Concerning Nexus 4 Availability: Will Restock “In The Coming Weeks”


You were probably one of the many people weren’t able to order a Nexus 4 on its launch day. There are quire a few people who weren’t lucky enough to land a Nexus 4, which is unfortunate with how anticipated it was. One of the many things people were upset about was that the supposed 12:00 p.m. EST launch was really a 11:46 a.m. EST launch, Talk Android reports. That means the people that were waiting for the clock to hit 12:00 were seeing the “Coming Soon” statement on the Play Store already. Either that or they found their cart empty after choosing their Nexus 4 device. Of course, this wasn’t a huge surprise if you consider how fast the device(s) sold out in the UK or Australia. Although, I tend to think it was more disappointing than actually surprising.

Regardless, Google has taken to social networking website Google+ to release their first statement since the shortage of devices. Unfortunately, this isn’t good news for those that were hoping to get a Nexus 4 early on. Google has mentioned that they are, obviously, out of their “initial” stock in a “few” countries. Thankfully, they are “working hard” on trying getting more Nexus devices to the Play Store in the “coming weeks.” Trying to keep up with such high demand is rather difficult. Although, their statement on a few countries was pretty frustrating. They are sold out in most of the major countries, not a few. You can’t get the Nexus devices in Australia  the UK, the U.S or Canada simply because they are sold out. That said, I think they actually did not make enough devices or weren’t expecting so much anticipation with the Nexus devices. Of course, shouldn’t they have learned their lessons with the Nexus 7?

Regardless, we enter the waiting game now. Do you think that Google has an actual shortage of devices, or did they just offer a limited supply to generate more hype for the devices? Who knows what’s going on behind-the-scenes, all we know for now is that they are out of stock and will have more available in the coming weeks. Hopefully this isn’t going to be a rehash of what happened with the Nexus 7 supply. Remember when they would go up for sale, and were out of stock just a few days later?

Is anyone looking forward to getting a Nexus 4 or Nexus 10? Maybe even one of the upgraded Nexus 7 devices?

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source: Talk Android

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