Google integrates Drive with Gmail, users can now send up to 10GB attachment

To clear the rumors that have been out for weeks now and various leaks that have been seen on an Android developer’s Google+ Hangout presentation, Google has officially revealed that its cloud-storage service, Google Drive, will be integrated with its email service, Gmail. The notification was made on the company’s blog on Tuesday.

With the Google Drive service, the unification of Google Docs, sharing documents with co-workers and the accessibility of the files in any places are made possible. Its enhanced features are suitable not only to business people, but to any individual.

Anyone can attach a file (like PDF, pictures, videos) of up to 10GB size from their Google Drive account, and like any other social networking sites, a notification will be provided to the sender once the recipient commented on the shared files. These features are also available in Microsoft thru Outlook and SkyDrive.

Plus, the smart tagging is now available with the Google Drive service.

One of the best features Google Drive offers is the Optical Character Recognition technology which allows the service to identify subject in scanned records.

Google Drive also allows users to open of up to 30 types of files in the browser regardless if the software required have been installed or not. It supports different types of files such as PDFs, Illustrator and Photoshop pictures, and HD format videos.

The company offer 5 GB of cloud storage free of charge to all users. Different storage tiers are also available to all users on a monthly basis. Upgrading the service to 25 GB will cost $2.49 a month, $4.99 for 100 GB, and the maximum storage of 1 TB will cost $49.99 a month. Indeed, great storage options on a reasonable price. An automatic expansion of the storage to a user’s Gmail account to 25 GB is possible when one upgrades to a paid account.

These are truly amazing features that Gmail provides to the users. Through the help of the advanced technology, features in online services like Gmail have been upgraded from time to time. It may affect the society on both positive and negative ways, but surely it is a great help for people who have a lot of huge files to share.

[source: Mashable]

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