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Google Feels Apple is Reluctant to Allow Google Maps for iOS


After Apple Maps failed to live up to the hype and expectations, people quickly began speculating of a Google Maps app for iOS. This, while seemingly plausible, might have been slightly far fetched given the course of events leading to the exit of Google Maps from iOS. But now we’re hearing reports from The Guardian that Google is indeed working on a Maps app to submit to the iTunes App Store. However, the report also mentions that Google sees little chance of it being approved by Apple, stating it as “unlikely”. The info stems from the publication’s insider Google sources.

Google’s hesitance has a valid reason. Apple introduced a new section in the iTunes App Store particularly for third party Maps applications post the Apple Maps episode. And in that new category of Maps apps, the ones which make use of the Google Places APIs are missing, indicating that Apple doesn’t want anything to do with Google. Notable third party apps like Quick Route and Maps+ serve this very purpose, but are sadly missing from the AppStore. Is it the hesitance on the part of Apple or mere arrogance? One can’t say for sure. But users hope that the wide media coverage to this news bit could open doors for Google to finally submit the Google Maps app. It is quite a surprise that there isn’t one already, but such is the functioning of Apple. It was a pretty bold step to ditch Google Maps in the first place, given the fact that there was still a year left in the contract between the two companies. It is also believed that the failure of Apple Maps which is a black spot on Apple’s sheet, led to the firing of Scott Forstall, the person instrumental in bringing it to the fore.

With the departure of Forstall, it is believed that things could ease up for Google, or at least it is hoped so. Google’s hesitance and worries are understandable, but at this point of time any comment will seem premature. The Guardian believes that Google is ready to launch the app in time for the holiday season, which could well mean that it’s completed and ready by now. Apple on the other hand will have nothing to worry about, as it will still have enough time to perfect its own Maps app. The idea basically will be to provide enough choice for the users, and I’m pretty sure Apple realizes that. So will Apple go easy on Google, or is this just Google’s way of gaining sympathy from iOS users?

Source: The Guardian
Via: Phone Arena

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