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Google Could Team up with Dish Network to Bring Data-Only Wireless Service by Mid-2013


We heard rumors of Google teaming up with Dish Network to establish its very own wireless network in the country. This felt like a viable plan, especially considering how top U.S carriers go about their business. But it seemed a bit far fetched to presume that Google would step into the wireless industry. But now it seems like the rumor does hold weight after all. According to 9to5Google, Google is believed to be teaming up with Dish Network as rumored yesterday, but just as a data only service provider. Yes, this means the new wireless network won’t offer calling or SMS services. Google however won’t stop its customers from making calls and sending SMSes with the help of VoIP services. This seems like a very neat proposition and something which could go a long way in shaping the future of American wireless carriers. It is believed that Google and Dish Network will launch the new network in mid 2013.

Dish Network acquired a fair bit of wireless spectrum way back in 2008, which it has been wanting to put to good use. While there’s no confirmation that Google could enter the scene, reports from the source suggest that the two companies are currently deep in talks about the arrangement. This could also go a long way in making Google’s own services more usable for the users as Google Voice and Wallet aren’t currently supported by most carriers. With a data network of their own, there will be no stopping Google from deeply integrating their services on devices.

This idea, if at all real, could be very beneficial for tablet users if not just smartphone and media device owners, as there are a large number of users who rely on expensive data tariffs for their tablet to satisfy their hunger for data on the go.  We certainly like the idea of a Google data connection with cheap and affordable tariffs. Google will certainly look to take a poke at the top carriers of the country. And if Google manages to undercut these carriers in terms of tariffs, there will certainly be no stopping them. It will be interesting to see how things will escalate after that. We wouldn’t get ahead of ourselves just yet, but the thought of a subsidized data connection from Google has gotten us all excited for sure. Would you opt for Google’s data network if the idea materializes in mid-2013 as rumored? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Source: 9to5Google
Via: Talk Android

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