Google and Microsoft eyeing UK white space for mobile broadbank

Google and Microsoft seem to be very interested in white space spectrum available in the UK. Both the companies have expressed their interest to make use of it for wireless, or mobile broadband. The companies are said to see these unused bands as very important. The report published by The Telegraph quotes a senior government source speaking to the publication who said that both companies see the spectrum as “very, very important.”

Right now, these unused frequency bands, or spectrum, are used for broadcast services such as the television and the radio. But there is also the news that Ofcon has been thinking of using these frequency bands to provide free broadband to the United Kingdom’s rural areas. Google and Microsoft might also be thinking of the same application, to provide free mobile broadband internet to the companies’ respective mobile platforms. But this is just what is expected, but the actual reasons for the interest in this spectrum are not yet known.

Back in June, 2011, the Redmond based operating system giant, Microsoft, had tried to use this unused frequency spectrum in Cambridge, without actually disrupting the broadcast services that are already using these frequency bands. The company led consortium of television companies tried this. And then Neul, the company which provides the hardware infrastructure for this setup and which maintains it as well, tried to expand this experiment to the whole city to see if it will disrupt the already active broadcast services on these frequency bands.

And now, after every kind of such experiment has been carried out, Ofcon has planned to make the spectrum open for such bidders. But it is which bidder will get to use the spectrum, and what will the company use these frequency bands for. Will we see free mobile broadband internet for Android users? Or will it be for Windows Phone users?

Source: The Verge

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