Gameloft Launches Thanksgiving Sale, Popular Titles Priced At $0.99

Gameloft makes a lot of good games, unfortunately they all don’t feel worth their standard $6.99 price tag. No worries about that though, customers will be able to save a lot of money on some of Gameloft’s most popular titles as the company is going to pricing a few of their games at $1. This is a great bargain, but I’d argue that I liked their 25-cent sale a while back much better! Regardless, most of their games are very well put together, and to purchase them for a mere dollar is a total steal!

The first title on sale is The Amazing Spiderman. This was a tie-in from the movie that launched back in the summer. Next up is The Adventures of Tintin, a game that was aimed at younger audiences, but was also a spin-off of the movie that released last year. Gangstar Rio is essentially Gameloft’s version of Grand Theft Auto, and BackStab is a really cool action-based game (you play as an Officer in England’s Royal Navy). Those are all the $0.99 games that you’ll find on Google Play. Gameloft has two more games on sale, which are available on the Amazon AppStore. Those games are the incredibly popular N.O.V.A 3 and N.O.V.A. If you have the Amazon AppStore on your device, I would highly suggest checking those out!

Hopefully we’ll be seeing more great titles go on sale from various developers as we get closer and closer to Cyber Monday (or even Black Friday tonight!).

Are any of you going to be picking up one of these games during the sale?

source: Talk Android