Galaxy S III sales cross 30 million units

Just a couple of days back, there was the news that the South Korean Android smart phone giant has been able to sell out 3 million units of the awesome Galaxy Note II smart phone globally, in just one month from the release of the smart phone. That is some really good achievement. And today, the company has come out to the press again with another news. The South Korean electronics giant has been successful in selling over 30 million units of its newest flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S III. Yes, the smart phone which came out just five months ago already has a sales figure of 30 million units.

The first generation of Galaxy S, which came out to the market way back in 2011, sold only 10 million units. After that, the second generation smart phone, the Samsung Galaxy S II, sold over 20 million units, and is still being sold like hot cake. The third generation of the Samsung flagship device, is for sure going to sell out at least 40 million units by the release of the fourth generation of the flagship device, at least according to me.

The rumor mill is already rich with rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S IV. The device is slated to be released in the month of February next year, at the earliest, and is said to come with a new 13 mega pixel shooter on the back of the device. Also, the smart phone is said to be running on Samsung’s own quad-core Exynos 5450 Cortex A15 based chip.

But how much of this rumor you are going to believe is up to you, as there is not a single official word about the device. But on the other hand, most often, rumors like these turn out to be true. Don’t you think so? In any case, we are going to have the fourth generation Galaxy S in our hands in just a few months.

Source: Phone Arena