Fake iApps appear on Play Store

Few apps on Google Play Store are making noise across the web, and the reason for this is that they are supposedly developed by Apple. Yes, the apps we’re talking about include Garage Band, iPhoto, iMovie, the iWork productivity suite, Keynote, Numbers and Pages.

The apps in question are normally found on Apple’s own App Store and are meant for iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. These apps are of course fishy and have been taken down from the Play Store and cannot be downloaded, so you should stay away from them if you download from some other sources.
The apps are certainly not released by Apple, but somebody posing to be. Many users seemed to have ventured into buying one of these apps and seems like the apps didn’t work as described, and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear if they contain malware as well. The very thought of Apple releasing apps on their rival platform sounds extremely unlikely, but then you would argue that Apple launched iTunes for Windows operating system, but doing so fetched them a lot of sales and the iPod brand is what it is now due to iTunes for Windows. Apple also launched Safari web browser for Windows, but that was an attempt to introduce Web Kit on Windows, and Google Chrome browser is doing a good job at it as of now.

Apple wouldn’t venture into launching some of its exclusive app titles on Android, and even if it does, there would at least be a press release and noise at the time of launch. The app publisher is named as Apple Inc., and you will end up on Apple’s official website if you try to find out more about the developer. The email used is [email protected], and yes, it is not a valid one. Google Play Store allows users to post reviews on the app’s sales page, and one user who purchased the app has given it a 1-star review and posted the following message:
Wont open says not connected to internet when i am [sic]

What’s even more frightening is that how did somebody manage to pull it off? I mean, the apps were allowed to get listed on the Play Store so easily, so Google is definitely at fault here. The search engine giant is trying hard to fight malicious apps. Google introduced new security measures in the latest version of Android, the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. The new security feature is pretty simple functionality wise. The feature will scan the apps you want to install and compare it with Google’s database of apps. If the app in question is found to be harmful, installation will be denied, which is pretty useful for users who download from sources apart from Play Store, but as they say, safety begins at home, and the least which Google can do is set up some filters so that nobody can pose as a big company like Apple and launch apps to make a quick buck. What are your thoughts on the incident?

Via AndroidAuthority

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