Facebook iOS app updated; Twitter to add photo filters

There was a news doing rounds on the internet few days earlier that Twitter is working on a photo filtering application that works just like the much popular service, Instagram, which is incidentally owned by Facebook.

To give some introduction about the case, Instagram was an Internet start-up based in San Francisco. It had no revenue, about a dozen employees, and the fame. Since the popularity of the service was growing day by day, Facebook showed its keen interest in buying the company and it did so for a billion dollars in cash and stocks. Instagram is essentially a social network built around photography, offering mobile apps that let people add quirky effects to their smartphone snapshots and share them with friends. The service went viral and became a hit, just like how sites like groupon and YouTube did back in their days.

“It’s the Web fairy tale that all start-ups dream of,” said Melissa Parrish, an analyst with Forrester Research, who added: “They took a simple behavior — sharing pictures with friends — and made it a utility that people want.”

After the plans for Instagram acquisition was announced, Twitter executives started looking out for competing photo services or application which they could acquire. They clearly didn’t find a service that fit their requirements, and as the saying goes, if you can’t buy it, build it, and that’s exactly what the popular micro blogging platform is trying to do. Twitter has always believed in delivering a unified user experience and has been very strict with third party apps. Currently, people filter photographs on Instagram and then post it on their twitter account from there, but Twitter would like to remove the middleman by allowing users to filter the photos they upload to Twitter’s own photo hosting service.

According to NYTimes, Twitter is planning to bypass Instagram, which is currently the major player in the photo filtering domain, by updating its official app to introduce filters on photos which then can be shared on Twitter, thus effectively bypassing Facebook’s service. The filters on Instagram make photos look like they were shot with 1960s Kodachrome or something similar, and achieving that is not a gargantuan task for a company like Twitter.

In the meantime, Facebook has updated its iOS application to include some new features. Talking of new features, users will now be able to swipe to the left in order to take a view at list of available Facebook friends who can be contacted right away. Apart from that, names of friends whom you message the most will now appear on the top of your favorites list. If you take a look at these additional features, they are either taken from the Facebook Messenger app or from the Facebook Camera app. There’s a new “upload flow” feature too which allows you to share multiple pictures faster than before.

If the news is true, we will soon see major features found of Instagram app in the Twitter app. Share your thoughts with us in the comment sections below.

source: NYTimes

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