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Even the Nexus 4 Has the Purple Haze Issue With the Camera


Okay, so you’ve probably placed an order for the brand new LG Nexus 4, assuming you got through the painful checkout process in the Google Play Store. The device should be on its way now or in some cases even arrived already. But what we’re about to share now might not bring joy to all you new owners out there. Well, according to a photo posted on Google Plus by a Nexus 4 user, the camera of the device has a purplish haze in images taken with strong light in the backdrop. If you might recall, the iPhone 5 had a similar problem which Apple claimed to be fairly normal. And now with the Nexus 4 showing the same issues, it might not be wrong to call it normal after all. Thankfully though, the problem occurs only in the strangest of situations when there’s bright light falling on the camera. The issue came to light after a user posted a Photo Sphere picture on Google Plus sharing the newly found glitch of the camera. Unsurprisingly, the problem is seen under the same circumstances as in the iPhone 5.

However, this is an issue which needs looking into. Apple or LG cannot disregard this to be a normal issue, given the kind of standards set by manufacturers these days. It does come as a surprise really that people would take this issue lightly. iPhone users were quick to dismiss the issue as petty or trivial, and we expect the same to happen from Nexus 4 users. Looking at the issue, it doesn’t seem like something which could be fixed with a software update. The Sony BSI sensors on the Nexus 4 and the iPhone 5 seem to be the culprits and this is an issue without a resolution now. Unless of course, Apple and LG manages to replace the camera sensor altogether which is a huge process and very unlikely to happen. I would however like to reaffirm that this is a concerning issue only if you do a lot of sunlight or bright light photography, which is very rare in nature.

This should definitely not stop you from getting the Nexus 4 (or the iPhone 5 for that matter), as there are other features on board which certainly outweigh this little glitch. The Nexus 4 in particular comes with a whole bunch of features for an equally attractive pricing. With Android 4.2 and that beautiful IPS display on board, the camera should not be much of an issue really. So there you have it, the purple haze issue is fairly normal and we won’t be surprised to learn of other devices giving out similar results.

Source: Google Plus
Via: Pocketnow

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