European Google TV users can download music, movies from Google Play Store

Starting on Tuesday, November 13th, Google TV owners in the United Kingdom, Germany and France would be able to download and/or stream their favorite movies and music from Google Play Store. Google already announced earlier this year that the Play Store would not be just for Android apps but for everything it offers. Apparently, this is going to be the start of this new revolution in the television industry.

Google TV, which can be accessed via a set-top box or integrated into smartphone HDTVs from Sony, Samsung and LG, has been built to combine entertainment and usability. While it primarily functions as a TV set, owners can also browse the web, find programming filtered through likes, genres and themes, and install apps and games from the app store. The new functionality that will soon be implemented by the company may make Google TV an ultimate entertainment hub at home and may pose a competition with industry players like Netflix and LoveFilm.

Had it not because of problems in international licensing, this feature should have been rolled out earlier this year. While the search titan is proud to offer this feature to its customers in the UK, France and Germany, there would still be a few restrictions. Unlike in the United States where contents can be downloaded to other Android-powered devices, European customers will have to stick to their smart TVs if they want to download movies or music but many are positive that this issue would soon be addressed. Others even believe that this could be the next thing Google will work on to boost its market.

Canada and Australia were once included in the list to receive this feature but for some reason Google have crossed them out of the official list and issued a statement of apology together with a promised that this very service would be made available in those regions soon. Technically, this feature could be implemented easily by Google, but it is the cross-border licensing for television shows, music and movies that causes the headache for the company. Google is expected to add new countries on its list by the end of December this year.

[source: Tom’s Hardware]